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Aggregate hotels in one incredibly feature-loaded hotel booking app like OYO Rooms. Seamlessly connect customers and hotel owners with features like hotel catalogs, amenities, discounts and more in your software. Using our OYO clone app, you can deploy your hotel booking app in no time. Get started today.

Build a Multi-Vendor Hotel Booking App

Our cutting-edge and secure scripts allow multiple hotel vendors to smoothly board your software. The scripts code for three apps for three essential roles. They are the user, vendor and the admin app.

The hotel booking app we provide entrepreneurs come pre-loaded with world-class features that stem from our extensively developed clone scripts. Customers will be able to peruse through a wide range of hotels, specifically search hotels by keyword, narrow down results with search filters, and more. Start conceptualizing your dream app with our Oyo clone app.

Features For Vacation Rental App

User App

Vendor App

Vendor Panel

Admin Panel

Advanced Features


Customers can easily create an account on the app by newly signing up or by logging in with their social media credentials.

Two factor authentication

Customers can choose to enable 2-factor authentication. By enabling it, they will be asked for an OTP every time they log in. This boosts security.


A wide range of hotels can be viewed after logging in. Customers will be able to select anyone that is to their liking.


Customers can use the search bar in order to find a specific hotel by a keyword.



Search results can be narrowed down to a specific price range, amenities and more with the use of filters.


Multiple Payment Options

Customers will be able to pay for hotel bookings via cash, debit/credit card or online wallets.


Push Notifications

Every development in the hotel booking status will be notified to customers via push notifications and alerts.



Feedback from customers who’ve already stayed at the hotel can be viewed, or new ratings can be added.


Vendors will be required to create a profile on the application with their details such as name, contact details, and more.



Vendors can list their hotel rooms on the application. The price, photos, descriptions, and more can be added and edited.


ID Card

Vendors will get a certificate and an ID card after their registration documents are successfully verified.



The amount of money generated minus the commission fees can be viewed from the earnings dashboard.



Vendors can post offer codes that customers can use to book rooms for a discounted price.


Vendors can view all of their earnings, ratings, and more from the dashboard section.


Brief Reports

The performance of hotel rooms in terms of views and bookings can be viewed by vendors.



If a customer is eligible for a refund, vendors will be able to execute the request through the refund section.


Admins will be able to view all the operations that are occurring in the app, revenue, and more.


Vendor Management

The number of vendors, their privileges, commission fees, and more can be managed by administrators.


Content Management

Text, photos, and videos in the application can be added, modified, and removed.


Custom Notifications

Admins will be able to send custom alerts to customers regarding new discounts, updates, and more.


Modify Code

The fundamental scripts of the hotel booking software can be modified by administrators.


Implement multiple languages to make using your app easy for a global audience.


In-App Chat

Allow customers and vendors to seamlessly communicate with each other through chat features in the software.



Offer your customers precise location details. It includes the estimated time to get there.



Periodically issue customers with discounts and offer codes.


Subscription Packages

Provide customers with membership packages that will save them money.

Why should you Choose OYO Rooms App ?

The advent of the internet changed the way service industries operated their businesses. When smartphones emerged, the way in which customers and service sectors communicated with each other underwent a major transformation. When it comes to booking hotels, people prefer to simply pull out their smartphones from their pockets to browse through a gamut of available places.

Our OYO rooms clone script has been carefully developed over time and has been put through rigorous testing. The outcome is a set of secure and reliable scripts that together comprise a magnificent hotel booking script. Our scripts code for a responsive interface with an extensive list of features. Customers will be delighted to book hotels using your hotel booking app.


Build and Oversee
Your Expansive Vacation Rental App Network

Effortless Profile Creation

Customers and vendors can easily create their profiles with multiple options such as facebook logins.

Verified Customers

Customers can get first preference during bookings by verifying their accounts with their social media profiles.

Multi-Payment Options

Our platform gives customers multiple options to pay for booking services including cash, debit/credit card, and online wallets.

Reviews and Ratings

Customers can rate their experience at hotel rooms. This will be helpful for other customers during booking.

Integrate APIs

Incorporate multiple APIs from platforms worldwide.

Notifications and Alerts

Customize what you want your alerts to look and sound like.


Our security measures comply with the industry’s latest standards.

Back up

We program regular back ups of all your app data for additional safety.


Our hotel booking software development solutions will conduct routine scans on your app to ensure that it is fully functional.


The Support you will get for OYO Rooms App

Our responsive support will answer all your technical queries at any time.


From the time your app enters its development phase to even after the app launches in the market, our technical support team will address all your questions.


Modify and customize every aspect of your app. Be it designs, colors, themes, icons, you can change all of them to suit your business requirements.


If your software shows any signs of glitching, our development team will fix it right away.


Our app is capable of incorporating multiple payment APIs to make performing transactions a hassle-free process for customers.


Our analysis of your app’s performance will help you focus on key areas that will engage more customers.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Customized Rebranding
Additional Languages
Voice Call Options
SMS Notifications
Administrative Fees


Customers can always see where the
nearest drivers are in real-time in your
customer-facing mobile apps


Your customers have the comfort of changing or cancelling a booking at any time.


Customers and Drivers can check the service history and see where their previous points of service requests.


Both drivers and your customers can see the history of jobs with reviews so that they can get better.

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