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At Infoventive, we are a premier Web Design and Development Company based in India, with a global presence in the United States and Australia. Our team is deeply committed to delivering captivating web solutions that cater to a wide range of businesses and industries. From concept to execution, we cover the entire web development cycle with proficiency and precision. Our team comprises skilled professionals, including UI/UX designers, web developers, quality analysts, and marketers, who bring years of expertise to every project.
Our web development services encompass responsive design, custom functionalities, e-commerce solutions, CMS development, and more. We pride ourselves on delivering robust and feature-rich web applications that offer a delightful user experience and drive business growth. With Infoventive as your partner, you can expect seamless communication, collaborative development, and a website that sets you apart from the competition. Let us empower your online presence and propel your business to new heights through our world-class web design and development expertise.

PHP Web Development

At Infoventive [ITPL], we specialize in PHP web development, offering high-quality solutions that cater to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. Our team of experienced PHP developers is skilled in leveraging the power of this versatile scripting language to create dynamic and robust web applications. Experience the power of PHP with our top-notch web development services. Let us empower your business with a dynamic and scalable web application that drives growth and success. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements and embark on an exciting web development journey together!
Versatility: PHP is a highly versatile language that allows us to build a wide range of web applications, from simple websites to complex enterprise-level solutions.
Open-Source: Being an open-source language, PHP offers cost-effective development solutions without compromising on quality or performance.
Huge Community Support: PHP boasts a vast and active community of developers, ensuring continuous updates, support, and a rich repository of libraries and frameworks.
API Integration: Integrate third-party services and APIs to enhance your web application's functionality and provide a seamless user experience.

CodeIgniter Web Development

At Infoventive [ITPL], we specialize in CodeIgniter, a powerful PHP framework that enables us to build high-performance web applications with speed and efficiency. With our team of experienced CI developers, we bring cutting-edge solutions to businesses of all sizes and domains. Let us empower your business with a dynamic and efficient web application that accelerates growth and success. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and embark on an exciting CodeIgniter development journey together!
Lightweight and Fast: CodeIgniter is known for its lightweight nature and impressive speed, making it ideal for developing web applications that load quickly and deliver a seamless user experience.
MVC Architecture: CodeIgniter follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, ensuring a clear separation of concerns, simplified code maintenance, and enhanced scalability.
Rich Library Support: CodeIgniter offers a vast collection of libraries and helper functions, allowing us to accelerate development and add various features to your web application.
High Security Standards: CI incorporates robust security features, including XSS filtering, CSRF protection, and data encryption, to ensure your web application remains safe from potential threats & vulnerabilities.

Laravel Development

At ITPL, we specialize in Laravel, a popular & powerful PHP framework known for its elegant syntax and robust features. Our team of skilled Laravel developers is committed to creating exceptional web applications that leverage the full potential of this modern framework. Let us empower your business with a dynamic and efficient web application that fosters growth and success.
Elegant Syntax: Laravel's expressive and clean syntax makes development a breeze, allowing us to write concise and maintainable code, which accelerates the development process.
MVC Architecture: Following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, Laravel promotes a clear separation of concerns, making code organization and scalability easier.
Cutting-Edge Technologies: We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to create iPad apps that leverage the full potential of the device and its capabilities.
Built-in Features: Laravel comes with a rich set of built-in features, including authentication, caching, routing, and more, saving development time and effort.
Laravel Ecosystem: The Laravel ecosystem is vibrant, with a vast community actively contributing to libraries, packages, and extensions, enhancing development efficiency.

AngularJs Development

At ITPL, we specialize in AngularJS, a popular and robust JavaScript framework for building dynamic and responsive web applications. Our team of skilled AngularJS developers is passionate about creating modern and feature-rich web solutions that take advantage of this powerful framework. Let us empower your business with a dynamic and efficient web application that enhances user engagement and drives success. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and embark on an exciting AngularJS development journey together!
Powerful Framework: AngularJS provides a comprehensive set of tools and features that streamline web development, making it an ideal choice for building complex and interactive applications.
Two-Way Data Binding: AngularJS's two-way data binding feature ensures that any changes made to the user interface are automatically reflected in the underlying data, simplifying development and reducing code complexity.
Modular Architecture: AngularJS follows a modular architecture that encourages code reusability, maintainability, and scalability, making it easier to manage and extend large applications.
Dependency Injection: With built-in dependency injection, AngularJS enables seamless integration of components and services, promoting a more organized and efficient development process.
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How we works

How ITPL assist your business

08 Steps

Requirement Gathering

One of the crucial step of understanding client needs and goals to define the scope & features of the project.

Wireframes & Mockups

Basic designing of visuals, look & feel, typography & colour, etc to plan user interface elements & content placement.


Building models to test & validate design concepts, user interactions, and overall flow before full-scale development.

Change Request

Feedback incorporation & stakeholder approval to ensure the web design aligns with objectives before development.


Phase where the web comes to life as developers write, code & build the functionalities, transforming the concept into a functional web.


Final stage where the tested & approved web is released & made available to users, either on stores or other distribution channels.

Support & Maintenance

Ongoing process of providing assistance, updates and bug fixes in order to deliver a seamless user experience and keep the web updated.

SEO & Marketing

Strategies & techniques employed to optimize the app's visibility in search engines & promote its awareness for the success and popularity in the market.

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